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Home remedies for winter woes

Even though it’s been a fairly mild winter to date, you never know when the “snowstorm of the year” will descend upon us. And when it does, we have some automotive home remedies to help cure those snow- and ice-related winter woes.

Quandary #1: Goop-covered headlights

Frosted headlights? Car wax is the cure.

Cure: Car wax

Car wax’s water repellents not only protect painted surfaces, they block snow and road salt from gooping up headlights. Protection can last as long as six weeks.

Quandary #2: Icy, streaky windshields

Cure: Rubbing alcohol

Alcohol thwarts ice from accumulating on wiper blades. Simply saturate a cloth with rubbing alcohol (or ammonia) and wipe down each blade. Prevent streaks and silence squeaks by cleaning blades with a baking soda and water combo.

Quandary #3: Frosted windows

Cure: Vinegar and water

Combine three parts vinegar to one part water in a spray bottle and spray the solution on car windows in the evening. This cure works because vinegar contains acetic acid, which raising water’s melting point and prevents it from freezing.

Quandary #4: Frozen-shut doors

Cure: Silicone spray

Spray a small amount of WD-40, Dry Molly lube or Moovit on a rag or paper towel and rub it along the door’s rubber gasket. Moovit gets a thumbs-up for being environmentally friendly, but cooking spray or furniture polish works just as well.

De-ice a stubborn door lock by coating your key in hand-sanitizing gel.

 Quandary #5: Iced locks

Cure: Hand sanitizer

De-ice a stubborn door lock by coating your key in hand-sanitizing gel. Slowly wiggle the key into the lock, gently turn and then say “open sesame.” A second application might be required to combat thicker ice or extreme cold.

Quandary #6: Spinning tires

Cure: Floor mat

Floor mats can be converted into a handy traction tool if your vehicle becomes stuck in the snow because your tires are spinning endlessly. Here’s what to do: Turn off the vehicle. Stick the rubber side of your floor mats underneath the tires. Turn the vehicle back on and slowly press the gas pedal. The floor mats should generate enough grip for your tires. Repositioning the floor mats might be required for especially icy or challenging situations.

There you have it: Six tips for tackling the winter woes. We’d like to hear about any of your “home remedies” for curing what ails your car during the cold season.

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