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Ben from Hong Kong Auto Service shows customer what work needs to be done on her car

How to know if you really need the repairs your auto shop is recommending

When a new customer comes to us for the first time, the one question they often have (but keep to themselves) is this: Will we recommend work they don’t need? Sometimes, it’s based on bad experiences with other shops. Sometimes, it’s just because they don’t know us. We haven’t had a chance yet to earn their…
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gears with timing belt wrapped around

Why do I need a timing belt replacement?

Timing belts are one of those maintenance items that car owners don’t often think about but should. The timing belt is a critical part of your engine. If it fails, your car will stop running and, in some cases, incur major engine damage. To help you head off any unexpected or costly surprises, let’s cover…
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Auto repair for good price | Hong Kong Auto Service Wilmette IL

How to Know When You’re Getting a Good Deal on Your Auto Repair

Getting a fair price for your auto repair is on every car owner’s agenda. But how can you know when you’re getting a fair deal and when you’re getting ripped off? Fortunately, there are some solid principles for helping you to know a fair price from a padded one before agreeing to the repair. Here…
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Replace Car Battery | Hong Kong Auto | Wilmette IL

If Your Battery is 3-5 Years Old, It’s Time to Have it Tested or Replaced

Question: I’ve had my car for awhile now, and I’ve never given the battery a second thought. When should I worry about replacing it? Answer: A car battery isn’t very different from a regular battery. If the battery in your cell phone dies, you’re not going to be making any calls. When your car battery is…
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Car-Related Gift Ideas To Steer You Through Your Holiday Shopping

With the holidays coming upon us quickly, many of us are trying to figure out what to buy everyone on our shopping list. To help you find the perfect gift for your favorite car enthusiast, we’ve assembled a list of our favorite car-themed gift ideas: Car Seat Warmers Many newer cars come equipped already, but if you…
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Kids in minivan - Family car games | Hong Kong Auto Service Wilmette IL

12 Days of Fun Family Car Games: Traditional vs. iPads

“Where’s my iPad?” Have you tried to make that promise of not giving in to technology to entertain your children in the car? We know how hard that can be! Here are several ideas for traditional games you can play in the car with your kids this holiday travel season—along with educational and entertaining opportunities on the…
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Pet travel safety | Hong Kong Auto Service Wilmette IL

Pet Travel Safety: Traveling in the Car With Your Furry Friends

With more hotels and resorts opening their doors to pets, more families are including Fifi and Fido in their vacation and holiday travel plans. As we head into the holiday travel season, we thought it was an ideal time to look at ways of keeping your pets safe in the car. First, did you know…
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Talking on the phone at a gas station

Car Myth Buster! True or False?

Question: My son is convinced that putting a potato in the exhaust pipe will cause the engine to blow up when we start the car. Can you confirm that this is not true? Yes we can! You can assure your son that the potato will just shoot out. There’s all kinds of automotive information out…
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Checking tire tread and tire pressure | Hong Kong Auto Service, Wilmette, IL

When Do I Need New Tires?

Question: I took my minivan to a quick lube for an oil change last week (it’s near my office), and they said I was due for new tires. I only have 40,000 miles on the vehicle. How can I be due for new tires already?   Answer: While 40,000 miles doesn’t seem like a lot, tires…
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