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Transmissions and Four-Wheel Drive: Get it in Gear


The transmission "transmits" power from the engine to the wheels and helps generate a vehicle's speed. An automatic transmission relies on a multitude of engine signals and road conditions to know which gears to engage.

A neglected or overworked transmission can lead to major problems that cost big bucks. A taxed transmission will tell you it's heading for trouble via several signs, including:

  • Transmission warning light on.
  • Transmission fluid leak.
  • A slipping clutch (manual transmissions).
  • Delayed or hard shifts (automatic transmission).
  • Failure to enter gear.

We can't overemphasize the importance of preventive maintenance in keeping your transmission in tip-top shape. Let Hong Kong Auto Service keep you on schedule with your maintenance, or turn to us when you're seeing telltale signs of impending issues.


Treasured by winter travelers and off-roaders alike, four-wheel drive systems—a.k.a. 4X4 or all-wheel drive—deliver reliable winter traction and rugged off-road performances at a price: Those additional 4X4 parts take a beating and can leak fluid or not shift into gear properly.

Rest assured, if you're facing a 4X4 dilemma, Hong Kong Auto Service will get your vehicle back on all four wheels in no time.


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