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Check Engine Light | Emissions | Engine Repair | Exhaust Systems


Your Check Engine light illuminates, yet your car doesn't feel or respond any differently. Ignore it? No way. There's an important reason for that persistent orange glow.

Nearly 1,500 issues can trigger the Service Engine Soon light. Don't pretend it's not glowing or you could face an auto repair nightmare: One dead or dying component can cause others to malfunction, adding up to big buck repairs.

Do yourself, and your vehicle, a favor and call us when that light comes on. The Hong Kong Auto Service team will find the culprit fast and make rapid repairs to get you back on the road again.


The Illinois Secretary of State requires periodic emissions tests before permitting you to renew your vehicle's annual registration. Why worry about driving with out-of-date license plates and facing potential fines when Hong Kong Auto Service can ensure you and your car breathe easier?

Concerned about your vehicle's vapors? Bring it in and we'll get it set for testing.

If you've failed an emissions test, Hong Kong Auto Service will perform thorough diagnostics to locate the culprit(s). And once we replace the faulty part, we'll take the vehicle to the test lane for you to ensure it passes and to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


Staying cool and hydrated on a hot Chicago summer day certainly is a challenge. The same goes for your engine, which can overheat without proper cooling capabilities and suffer catastrophic engine failure.

Coolant travels through your car's radiator, water pump and engine cooling passages to keep it "hydrated" and operating at proper temperature. Your coolant must be flushed periodically because dirty coolant can lead to an overheating engine, clogged radiator or worse.

The following can be signs of a cooling system problem:

  • Low coolant warning light.
  • Engine temperature gauge going high or reaching into the red zone.
  • Low coolant levels.
  • Leaking coolant.
  • Steam under the hood.
  • Heater blowing cool air

Hong Kong Auto Service will thoroughly check the coolant level and condition, and we'll examine the system's other components, including drive belts, cooling fan, radiator, water pump, radiator hoses, thermostat and radiator cap.


Engines endure a lot, so it's no surprise they need attention from time to time.

Here are some signs something just isn't right with your car's main muscle:

  • "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light is on
  • Car hesitates or stalls
  • Gas mileage drops
  • Engine idles erratically
  • Temperature gauge reaches the red zone or never leaves the cold zone
  • Leaking or cracked hoses
  • Leaking coolant/antifreeze
  • Steam emanates from under the hood
  • Engine knocks
  • Fluids puddle beneath the car

Turn to Hong Kong Auto Service when it's time to re-energize your engine.


Raucous rattling irritating your ears? Gas odors annoying your nostrils?

Point the finger at a faulty exhaust system, which is tasked with reducing engine noise and keeping toxic fumes away from you and your passengers.

We'll help restore calm and quiet by:

  • Diagnosing leaks and loud exhausts
  • Identifying undercarriage rattles
  • Replacing exhaust manifolds, mufflers and/or tailpipes

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