New Tires

Feel like you're losing your grip? Hong Kong Auto Service can ensure your tires hug the road during slippery rainstorms or when Old Man Winter exhales dangerous snow and ice.

Call on us when your treads are wearing thin and you're ready to put a new set of tires between you and the road surface. We'll help select the best tire for your driving needs and habits...and for your budget.

Tire Rotations

Moving tires front-to-back and side-to-side helps tires wear more evenly, which boosts their lifespan, saves you money, and improves your vehicle's pavement-gripping ability.

Note that tires wear differently depending on driving style, suspension condition, and the car itself, including whether a vehicle is front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive.

Purchase tires from Hong Kong Auto Service, and we'll provide free lifetime tire rotations. (We simply ask that you schedule your tire rotation in advance.)

Wheel Balancing

Is your steering wheel's excessive vibration making your hands shaky? Do you often feel as if you're driving on a rock-filled dirt road instead of smooth pavement, particularly at higher speeds? The likely cause: unbalanced wheels and tires.

Wheels become unbalanced when a wheel weight falls off, when a tire spins slightly on the wheel during rapid braking or accelerating, or when the vehicle sits for extended periods.

Correcting a missing wheel weight is solved by simply rebalancing the tires. But any tire/wheel vibration should be professionally inspected because an out-of-balance wheel will cause rapid tire, steering and suspension wear. You also want to be sure you don't have an internal failure, such as a "belt separation," a safety issue that can trigger sudden tire failure.

Hong Kong Auto Service will banish shimmy and shake using state-of-the-art computerized wheel balancing equipment. Visit us today to find out how the rubber should really be hitting the road.

Wheel Alignments

A critical element of your car's maintenance schedule includes a proper wheel alignment to ensure you can nimbly negotiate tight corners or maintain highway-speed stability.

An out-of-alignment automobile tends to pull and drift from the center line. In severe cases, drivers must fight to center the steering wheel. Other signs include rapid and uneven tire wear or feeling like your car is "wandering" across the highway. Your gas mileage can even be affected if your vehicle is fighting itself just to roll straight down the road.

These symptoms are a sign to visit Hong Kong Auto Service. We'll inspect your vehicle's alignment and ensure your wheels and tires in their proper positions relative to the pavement and your steering and suspension components.

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