Airbags, Traction Control & More

Distracted drivers, hazardous weather and wild animals can challenge even the most conscientious drivers. Fortunately, today's vehicles are armed with myriad safety features, but they only come to your aid when functioning properly. Neglect their warning lights and they may neglect you.

We provide intense diagnostics and quality repairs to your car's many safety components, including:

  • Front, curtain/head and side airbags
  • Antilock brakes (ABS)
  • Anti-skid control
  • Traction control

Don't ignore an ABS or airbag light: That glow might mean your safety systems won't engage during a crisis. Instead, let Hong Kong Auto Service help keep you safe and secure when you're on the road.

Check Engine Light On? Let Us Check It Out

Your Check Engine light illuminates, yet your car doesn't feel or respond any differently. Ignore it? No way. There's an important reason for that persistent orange glow.

Nearly 1,500 issues can trigger the Service Engine Soon light. Don't pretend it's not glowing or you could face an auto repair nightmare: One dead or dying component can cause others to malfunction, adding up to big-buck repairs.

Do yourself, and your vehicle, a favor and call us when that light comes on. The Hong Kong Auto Service team will find the culprit fast and make rapid repairs to get you back on the road again.

Heating & Air Conditioning

Chicagoans know all too well the extremes of heat and cold an average year brings. We rely on our vehicles' air-conditioning (A/C) and heating systems to deliver a comfortable cabin climate day after day, week after week.

Common climate-control problems include:

  • A/C not blowing cold air
  • A/C emits strange odors
  • No air blowing hot or cold
  • Fogged-up windows won't clear
  • Non-functioning top/side vents or defroster
  • Stalling or rough idling when the A/C is turned on

We'll cool down your summers and warm up your winters by checking your system thoroughly. When necessary, we'll use a dye-injection leak test to identify any A/C system leaks, then recharge so you ride in cool comfort.

Hong Kong Auto Service - Wilmette's premier auto repair facility - is ready to deliver you a comfortable ride, whether it's January or July.

Electrical Diagnostics

Radio silenced? Power windows underperforming? Wimpy windshield wipers?

Your vehicle's alternator might be to blame. The alternator is a vital element of a vehicle's electrical system. It controls comfort-related parts, like your A/C, and it can impact a number of other systems, including your:

  • Airbag or Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)
  • Dashboard warning/indicator lights
  • Battery
  • Headlights, taillights, interior lights, dashboard lights
  • Power steering
  • Traction-control system
  • Turn signals

Loose or worn alternator belts drain batteries, putting you at risk for inconvenient or unsafe roadside stalls. If you're frequently jump starting your battery or experiencing issues with the systems listed above, call on Hong Kong Auto Service to put those electrical gremlins to rest.

Engine Repair

Engines endure a lot, so it's no surprise they need attention from time to time.

Here are some signs something just isn't right with your car's main muscle:

  • "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light is on (see our "Check Engine Light" listing)
  • Car hesitates or stalls
  • Gas mileage drops
  • Engine idles erratically
  • Temperature gauge reaches the red zone or never leaves the cold zone
  • Leaking or cracked hoses
  • Leaking coolant/antifreeze
  • Steam emanates from under the hood
  • Engine knocks
  • Fluids puddle beneath the car

When you need your ignition, fuel or cooling systems inspected, turn to Hong Kong Auto Service to re-energize your engine.

Emissions Issues

The Illinois Secretary of State requires periodic emissions tests before permitting you to renew your vehicle's annual registration. Why worry about driving with out-of-date license plates and facing potential fines when Hong Kong Auto Service can ensure you and your car breathe easier?

Concerned about your vehicle's vapors? Bring it in and we'll get it set for testing.

If you've failed an emissions test, Hong Kong Auto Service will perform thorough diagnostics to locate the culprit(s). And once we replace the faulty part, we'll take the vehicle to the test lane for you to ensure it passes and to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Exhaust Systems

Raucous rattling irritating your ears? Gas odors annoying your nostrils?

Point the finger at a faulty exhaust system, which is tasked with reducing engine noise and keeping toxic fumes away from you and your passengers.

We'll help restore calm and quiet by:

  • Diagnosing leaks and loud exhausts
  • Identifying undercarriage rattles
  • Replacing exhaust manifolds, mufflers and/or tailpipes

Four-Wheel Drive

Treasured by winter travelers and off-roaders alike, four-wheel drive systems - a.k.a. 4X4 or all-wheel drive - deliver reliable winter traction and rugged off-road performances at a price: Those additional 4X4 parts take a beating and can leak fluid or not shift into gear properly.

Rest assured, if you're facing a 4X4 dilemma, Hong Kong Auto Service will get your vehicle back on all four wheels in no time.

Starting & Charging

The hiccuping or gasping of a car that won't start always comes at the most inopportune times. It's not just annoying. It can be downright dangerous, leading to a stalled vehicle in an isolated location.

The starting and charging system includes your alternator, starter, ignition and battery. When these elements aren't working in tandem, it's bad news. If your car's engine cranks but doesn't start, doesn't crank at all or requires frequent jump starts, contact Hong Kong Auto Service, and we'll give you a "fresh start."

Tricky Transmissions

The transmission "transmits" power from the engine to the wheels and helps generate a vehicle's speed. An automatic transmission relies on a multitude of engine signals and road conditions to know which gears to engage.

A neglected or overworked transmission can lead to major problems that cost big bucks. A taxed transmission will tell you it's heading for trouble via several signs, including:

  • Transmission warning light on
  • Transmission fluid leak
  • A slipping clutch (manual transmissions)
  • Delayed or hard shifts (automatic transmission)
  • Failure to enter gear

We can't overemphasize the importance of preventive maintenance in keeping your transmission in tip-top shape. Let Hong Kong Auto Service keep you on schedule with your maintenance, or turn to us when you're seeing telltale signs of impending issues.

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